Silvana says "This salad is the kind of dish I’d make if we were somewhere by the Med, but it’ll taste just as good in the garden"


For a tasty, filling and nutritious lunch Silvana whips up a salad using lots of speedy shortcuts, like ready-cooked lentils and prawns. If you prefer to cook these yourself, the recipe below tells you how.

It's full of punchy flavours and textures from capers, shallots, radishes and fresh parsley, and tossed with an easy homemade dressing which uses white balsamic vinegar. This has a lovely sweet flavour, but you can swap for regular balsamic vinegar or another vinegar of your choice. You could also swap out prawns for chicken or feta (or a vegan feta), parsley for mint, and lentils for another cooked grain.

This recipe makes enough for about 6 people, so if there's less of you, then keep leftovers in the fridge for a welcome ready-made lunch the next day. 

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