Partner & Food Editor Silvana Franco shows us how to make hearty bean burgers using ingredients from the store cupboard

The burgers are served with sweet potato fries and barbecued onion rings along with tomato salad, dairy-free yogurt dressing, mango chutney and lime pickle.

As usual, Silvana provides tips on what to swap if you don’t have everything on the ingredients list in your cupboard. In place of cannellini beans, you can use most others varieties. In place of garam masala, use ground cumin.

The “zing” you get from lime juice is also found in lemon or vinegar.

Shallots are the best option here because they can be chopped into tiny pieces and, as Silvana says, “we want very fine pieces because big chunks can make your burger fall apart”. So if you do use onion, it should be very finely chopped.

After Cassia helps with the prep, Fabio is on barbecuing duty, with strict instructions to leave them to cook for at least five minutes so they don’t fall apart when they are flipped. The advice is sound and these meat-free burgers look like a treat for Father’s Day.

As the meal is served, cameraman Rob says: “I am absolutely ready for that.” 

So are we.

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