Image of celeriac
Image of celeriac

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Celeriac’s rich flavour makes it a terrific match alongside roast meats –  try mashed or roasted to bring out its earthy, slightly nutty flavour. Alternatively, enjoy it raw and thinly sliced in a remoulade. Sweet potatoes with their deep orange flesh are brilliant in comforting curries and just the thing for squidgy bakes

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Evangeline sweet potatoes

Sweet, with deep orange flesh, you probably can’t beat crispy roasted wedges, lightly spiced with paprika and drizzled with a garlicky dressing. However, sweet potatoes also go well with creamy sauces and are wonderful in comforting curries. Like other root vegetables, they bake beautifully in cakes for a delightfully squidgy result


Don’t be put off by its knobbly appearance – once peeled, there’s a gem inside! Celeriac’s rich flavour makes a terrific match for roast pork or chicken – try it mashed or roasted with thyme, rosemary or sage. Alternatively, keep things fresh with a classic French remoulade: thinly sliced and mixed through a creamy, mustard-spiced sauce