While Brits indulge in mince pies, turkey and brussel sprouts, there’s a world of Christmas offerings to explore…

Around the world…

Had enough of the classic British Christmas? Or simply looking for an international twist to Christmas dinner? We’ve round up some quirky food traditions, delightful recipes and wonderful products to spice things up this Christmas - global style.

Try out your sweettooth with an all American pecan tart and classic eggnog or stay European with German stollen and Glühwein.

Italy offers a chillingly good Semifreddo lifted with the addition of cranberries while our Guyanese black cake is dark, rich and exotic. 


Did you know…

That for good luck it’s advised to eat one mince pie on each of the 12 days to Christmas

Nougat or ‘Turrón’ is the sweet treat of Christmas in Spain

In Iceland a leg of lamb is the main meal for Christmas

Mixing gorgonzola cheese with prosecco makes for a delicious appetiser; serve with a spoon and gingerbread snaps

American favourites

Celebrate American style with these delightful Christmas recipes

German classics

Honeyed glühwein

Delia's Christmas Stollen

One of the hidden gems of Christmas cooking.

'It’s a fruited yeast bread called stollen, filled with marzipan in the centre. It’s an essential part of Christmas all over Germany, Austria and parts of France and we think its a real treat to serve this for breakfast over the Christmas holidays,' Delia Smith

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Honeyed glühwein

Even if you don't get a chance to visit the famed Christmas markets of Germany, this glühwein (meaning 'glow-wine') will at least take you there in the metaphorical sense with its Yuletide flavours.

'With cinnamon, orange, cloves and a full-bodied red - you'll know it's Christmas when you have a glühwein'

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Delia's Christmas Stollen

Italian Natale

Indulge in these classic Christmas treats from Italy. We've made the panettone a bit more accessible as an individual size and jazzed up our semifreddo with cranberries and limoncello. Certosino is a traditional Christmas cake from Bologna.

Cranberry & limoncello semifreddo

This stunning dessert is perfect for Christmas entertaining as it can be made up to 1 month in advance and kept in the freezer.

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Wordly delights

Make it or fake it; here's 3 more delicious recipes from around the world and a selection of international treats