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The most delicious muffins in the world

These muffins are the most delicious in the world. (Well, they are in my world...) They are chocolate, they are velvety and they are just gorgeous. You will eat one... then just another one... and one more won't hurt...

  • Total time: 1 hour

Serves: 6


  • Main mixture
    3 large eggs
    About 10 knifefuls of margarine
    1/6 of a 1 kg bag of caster sugar
    1/6 of a 1.5 kg bag of self raising flour
    4 dessert spoons of cocoa powder
    1 teaspoon of vanilla essence
    A pinch of salt
    3-4 squares of plain chocolate

    For decoration
    4 spoonfuls margarine
    1 spoonful icing sugar
    2 spoonfuls chocolate powder
    Plain chocolate, grated


  1. Blend margarine and sugar thoroughly, preferably with a mixer or a whisk if a mixer isn't available.
  2. Add the flour. Break the eggs and put the egg white in to the mixture, putting the yolks into a cup or glass. Blend the main mixture again.
  3. Add the egg yolk, vanilla essence, salt and chocolate powder. Mix well. On a clear surface, take the plain chocolate and cut in to small pieces with a sharp knife. Sprinkle in with the rest of the mixture and mix up very briefly.
  4. Turn the oven on to 180°C. Grease a 12 space muffin tray, making sure you grease round the edges of the holes as well as in them. Spoon the muffin mixture evenly into each space. Fill them right up to the top, as much as you can possibly fit in! Put in the oven for about half an hour or until they are well risen and springy.
  5. Carefully remove the muffins from the baking tray and put on plates. Put the plates in the freezer for 5 minutes as this will greatly speed up their cooling time, but NO LONGER than 5 mins or they will go funny.
  6. Take the muffins out of the freezer and put to one side. In a separate container put the margarine, icing sugar and cocoa powder for the decoration together. Mix them up with a spoon until they make a smooth chocolate mixture. Taste to see if it's OK, if you have some more vanilla essence you could add a teensy drop for the best result.
  7. Put a spoonful of the butter icing (or rather margarine icing!) on the top of each muffin, and sprinkle grated chocolate on top of this. Arrange in whatever way you like and enjoy! Note: It says these muffins serve 6, which would mean 2 for each person, but it's not as definite as that!

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