If you’ve run out or are struggling to get hold of flour, don’t despair – you can still bake! A few clever ingredient swaps or a different method can result in some beautiful cakes, desserts and savoury treats. Here’s a selection of recipes to try which don’t need any flour at all


Serve these as teatime treats or with Greek yogurt, crème fraîche or ice cream as dessert


Whisked egg whites with sugar can be transformed into meringues and pavlovas, ready to serve filled with whipped cream and berries or piped into discs and layered with cream and fruit to stack as layered cakes

COOK'S TIP: Vary the flavours

Swirl cocoa powder into the meringue mixture just before spooning onto the baking sheet, fold in ground almonds or hazelnuts for a nutty pavlova, or add lemon zest for a fruity twist. For colourful meringues, paint your piping bag with stripes of gel food colouring before adding the meringue mixture


Bread and muffins without flour? That's right – these beauties make delicious breakfasts, snacks and sides


Which is your favourite: rich and chocolatey fondant, a no-fuss pie, or an indulgent cheesecake?


The bars are ideal for keeping energy levels up and hunger at bay, while the others are deliciously fruity treats to have a go at