How is coronavirus affecting the services you provide?

We want to let you know we are doing all we can to help our customers and you can find out what we are doing here.

What are the opening times of Waitrose & Partners and how can I find out about my local store?

Our Branch finder page has all the information you need to know about opening times (including Bank Holidays and Christmas hours - when available), grocery delivery services, John Lewis Click & Collect and services such as dry cleaning.

How do I provide store feedback?

Simply submit you feedback here.

How do I report a problem regarding the quality of a product purchased?

Simply fill out our quality issue form here.

How do I make a query about an item you stock?

To request details about a specific product, go here.

How do I use the Quick Check in store scanners?

Quick Check makes shopping at Waitrose & Partners quick and easy (and if you are a myWaitrose member, you won't need to register to get started). Once set up, simply scan and pack your shopping straight into your bags. You’ll see a running total of your spend and when you’ve finished, just pay and go, with no need to unpack at the checkout. You can also download the Quick Check mobile app to scan as you shop using your phone.

How do I pay a parking charge notice?

Please refer to the PCN, it should set out what the vehicle registered keeper must do upon receipt of the notice. If you have received a Britannia parking notice charge, payment can be made via the Britannia website, by phone, or post with the remittance slip.

I’ve received a parking notice through the post. Does this mean you now have access to my personal details?

Waitrose & Partners doesn’t acquire any customer data from car park systems. The car park management company apply to the DVLA for this information.

Can you cancel a parking charge notice for me?

The PCN is issued by the car park management company so please follow the PCN instructions. Waitrose & Partners can’t appeal individual PCNs.

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