Loved for its distinctive chewy texture and beautifully tangy flavour, White Sourdough Bread from our No.1 range is made using flour milled from British wheat and a starter that is at least 20 years old. Artisan bakers combine these with water and a little salt – and absolutely nothing else. In fact, the process is as ingeniously simple today as when the first loaves of sourdough were produced back in ancient times.


Enjoy its crisp crust and satisfying crumb in all kinds of dishes. For a great-tasting vegetarian snack, toast the bread then top with soft cheese, thinly sliced cooked beetroot, wilted kale and quick-pickled radishes. Finish with a splash of olive oil and a few nigella seeds. Alternatively, for a winning breakfast, toast the bread, spread with a little butter and serve with poached eggs. Or use it to take toasties to the next level… it’s irresistible with melting cheese and chilli in this recipe.

Chilli cheese sourdough toasted sandwich

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