What is helpful to know when placing an online delivery order with us?

What should I do first?

You’ll need to start by opening an account with us. To do this, click 'Home' (top left), click 'Register' (top right) and then you’ll be guided through how to do this. Once complete, you’re ready to book a delivery slot and start shopping with us.

How do I book a delivery slot?

Click the 'Book a slot' option within Groceries followed by 'Home delivery'. Confirm your delivery address and you’ll see the available delivery slots. Available slots have a grey tick which changes to green when selected. Be sure to complete checkout after adding your products to your trolley to confirm your order and to not lose your temporarily held slot.


How do I add products to my online order?

Select a category or use the search bar to find a product. Use the plus '+' sign to place a product in your trolley. Use the minus '-' sign to remove a product from your trolley. You can see your order total and product count in your online shopping trolley.

How do I checkout and confirm my online order?

Click on the trolley order total and product count icon in the right-hand grey bar. You’ll notice that the grey bar expands. When your order value is over our minimum order spend of £60, the 'Checkout' button will turn green and you can confirm your order.

Can I change my delivery slot?

Yes you can, up until the day before delivery. Choose the amend order option and then click on the calendar icon in the right-hand grey bar. You’ll then see the option to 'Edit slot'.

When is payment taken?

Your payment will be processed on the day of delivery.

What if you’ve been unable to fulfil all of my ordered products?

After payment is taken, we’ll email you your Customer Receipt statement. This will tell you if there are any substitutions or unavailable items, it’s worth checking this so that you can return any unwanted items to your driver.

What if something is missing?

If the driver is still with you, mention it to them. If they have left, first check your Customer Receipt statement. This is just to make sure the item wasn’t out of stock or was substituted for something else. If the product should have been delivered then follow our 'I’ve got a missing item, what should I do?' instructions.

Do you have an App?

Yes, Waitrose & Partners. It’s available to download from the Google Play and App stores.

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