What is a substitution?

We do our best to deliver everything you ask for, however if we're unable to do so, we’ll find you the best alternative. Your driver will tell you about any substituted products when your delivery arrives. On your day of delivery you'll also be sent your order receipt by email, this will state any unavailable items or substitutions made.

Am I charged more for a substitution?

If a substitution is made, you will always be charged the lower of the two prices. We also honour any offers when substitutions are made.

Can I refuse a substitution?

Unwanted substitutions can be returned to your delivery driver at the point of delivery. They will be refunded in full by the store upon return. If the driver has already left, you can return unwanted substitutions to a local Waitrose & Partners store. The item must be returned within 35 days, with proof of purchase and in its original packaging.

I'd like to raise an issue with a substitution that I received. How can I do this?

To raise any issues about substitutions, visit this Waitrose & Partners webform page and select the relevant category to your question. In this case it would be ‘Shopping Online’. Select this to reveal ‘Substitutions’ where you’ll then see a button for ‘Contact Us’. This will produce a bespoke form that on completion will be sent directly to us.

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