Little ones don't need any excuse to get excited for Christmas, but helping to make these cute recipes will bring a little extra
magic to the season

What makes Christmas for kids

What makes Christmas for kids?

See what these little ones have to say about their festive foodie favourites...

Top tips

Little hands make light work Getting children involved in preparations is lots of fun and lessens the workload. Little hands are perfect for mixing, rolling and folding.

Keep it simple The easier the recipe, the more likely it is to hold their interest. Look for quick recipes with not too many ingredients. Semi-prepped recipes are good too – for example, pre-bought cupcakes that children can decorate, or using cookie cutters as a simple way to
get great designs.

And when your little Christmas helpers tire of cooking, treat them to this wonderfully festive read...


"When two families get caught in a snowstorm on Christmas eve, it’s a disaster! They are all quite sure that Christmas is ruined. Can they work together and turn things around? And will they become firm friends filled with Christmas cheer?"