Culinary fashions come and go but our attachment to the roast dinner, with its perfect blend of comfort and spectacle, rarely wanes. And most of us have strong opinions about what constitutes the ideal Sunday spread: are Yorkshires just for beef? Which sauces are essential? Our exclusive poll reveals the nation’s tastes.


A juicy joint of beef, tender pork with crispy crackling, succulent slow-roasted lamb, or a hearty nut roast...

Which is the nation’s favourite?

There’s a generational split too: beef is by far the most popular with the over-55s, while under-55s prefer chicken.

Women and younger people are even more likely to go meat-free and enjoy a veggie option.


Apple sauce and pork, horseradish and beef – classic partners you might say. So perhaps somewhat surprisingly, most people don’t have any condiments other than gravy with their roast dinner, though there are a few who favour some rather unusual sauces.


Two people surveyed said they add chilli sauce, two opted for mayonnaise, and one dollops their plate with harissa.


Crispy roasties, colourful veg, and fluffy Yorkshire pudding sides can be just as much of a star as the meat.

But how many of us save Yorkies solely for beef, and which vegetable is an essential roast ingredient?


We all love rustling something up from Sunday lunch leftovers, though nearly 20% of respondents never have anything left to pop in a sandwich – are they greedy, or just very good planners?


Other creative uses suggested included stir-frying leftovers into a Chinese-style meal such as chow mein, making them into curry, or serving for dinner the next day… to the dog.


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