Why does my neighbour receive vouchers and I don’t?

Marketing vouchers are not sent to all of our customers. If you have an online account, it would be worth checking that we have the correct postal address for you.

Can I still use my vouchers if I forgot to use them while I was shopping?

Yes, simply return to the store with your proof of payment and the voucher/coupon within the qualifying period. Any value less than £1 will be given as cash and anything more than a £1 will be given on a gift card.

How are these marketing vouchers tailored for me?

We aim through the myWaitrose card to tailor vouchers for items you’ve previously purchased when you’ve scanned your myWaitrose card.  All past transactions are included so this may include a product you have only bought once.


Why did I receive a marketing voucher for a product that is not relevant to me?

At this time, we are not able to hold specific information about diets or life choices. We do tailor our offers and vouchers to what we think you, and your household may like – you may perhaps have purchased something similar in the past or from a similar product range.

Why have I received a different value marketing voucher from my neighbour?

The marketing vouchers are personal to you and are based on how you shop with us.

Why have I received in store vouchers when I only shop online?

At this time they can only be used in-store due to our online capabilities. It is something we would like to change in the future.

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