Food glossary



These small smooth dark berries grow in clusters on woody stalks. They have a tangy flavour and are an excellent source of vitamin C. Available from June to September.

Uses: They are usually cooked before use and then included in pies, tarts and flans or made into jam. Blackcurrants are also made into juices and crème de cassis a popular French alcoholic cordial.

To store: Keep in the fridge, without washing, but they are delicate and need to be eaten as soon as possible.

To prepare: To remove the berries from the stalks, hold each stalk at the top with the berries at the bottom and run a fork down each one. The berries should come away easily, without being damaged.

To cook: To stew blackcurrants add a little water and 50g sugar per 450g of fruit, simmer gently until just tender.

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