Waitrose Foundation recipes

Waitrose Foundation

Discover recipes using Waitrose Foundation ingredients such as runner beans, avocado, mango and passion fruit 

    Citrus farmer cutting fruit

    Improving lives
    since 2005 

    The Waitrose Foundation works with suppliers to fund local projects that help improve the lives of the workers who grow, pick and pack our produce.  Every time you buy a Foundation product, 2% or equivalent of the sale goes towards funding health clinics, libraries and more.

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    School children in africa

    How we’re helping our growers 

    At Eldama Ravine in Kenya, where our Foundation roses are grown, the Foundation funded the building and equipping of a maternity unit, as the nearest was many hours away. Since then, thousands of babies have been safely delivered there, and their mothers cared for. 

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    Foundation flowers

    Our Foundation fruit, veg and flowers

    Waitrose Foundation fresh produce and flowers come from countries including Kenya, Ghania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Look out for the Foundation logo on our green beans, pineapples, passion fruit, citrus fruit, roses and more.

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