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What’s delicious in November

It's the season for comfort food: butternut squash and carrots are at their best right now and the perfect ingredients for fragrant stews, soups and pies, as well as myriad dips and pastries. And when your sweet tooth calls, luxurious Medjool dates are gloriously rich and fudgy in all manner of cakes and puddings

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Spiced carrot chilla

These Indian pancakes, which happen to be gluten free, are deliciously crispy, with warming spice from the cumin and chilli – enjoy them rolled up with your favourite chutney

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Image of Roasted squash & coriander houmous


Roasted squash & coriander houmous

The squash in this recipe is roasted and particularly good whizzed into houmous, where it brings a hint of sweetness. Serve with pitta bread or crudités for dipping

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Date & ras el hanout chicken stew

Medjool dates add richness to this fragrant, Moroccan-inspired stew

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Brighten up your fruit bowl

Refreshing, juicy clementines and mandarins are at their best right now. Enjoy these easy peelers on their own or use the aromatic juice to liven up cakes and elevate salad dressings

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Nature’s sweetener

Intensely sweet, squidgy and sticky, Medjool dates make a fine, seasonal snack on their own and are wonderful in savoury cooking, including tagines, stews and sauces or snipped straight into couscous

Get back to your roots

Unless your carrots are very mature, there’s no need to peel – just scrub the skins before using. Save those perky green tops and whizz into pesto to drizzle over fish and salty, grilled cheeses, or add the sprigs sparingly to salads and stir fries