you can taste when its Waitrose & Partnersyou can taste when its Waitrose & Partners

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Our latest advertising campaign is all about the care we put into the food we sell. Take our Leckford Estate Brut sparkling wine, made from grapes grown on the Waitrose farm in Hampshire, and our handpicked British cherries, with their beautifully balanced sweet flavour. Find out more below

image of leckford estate vineyardimage of leckford estate vineyard

Leckford Estate Brut

A blend of three classic Champagne grape varieties grown on the Waitrose farm crafted into an elegant fizz by the award-winning winemakers at Ridgeview. You can taste when it's from our vineyard in Hampshire

From vine to vino

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Cherries grown by trusted suppliers in Kent, Herefordshire and Perthshire and handpicked at the peak of their ripeness. You can taste when our cherries are perfectly in season

Pavlova and more

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