Sweet ending

Nothing beats baking something yourself and filling your kitchen with the comforting smell of fresh bread and cakes. These quick budget recipes should do the trick

Nancy Birtwhistle

"I baked to feed my family" - Nancy Birtwhistle

The Great British Bake Off winner, crowned the Queen of Consistency by Mary and Paul, shares some of her budget baking and making ideas

'If you are going to be a savvy baker, the recipes have to be simple and achievable, with a minimum list of ingredients. When you are baking on a budget you want a recipe you know will work first time, so there’s no waste.

While I was working full-time, I baked to feed a family. I am a mother of two, but there is a big extended family. So I’d batch bake and batch cook and then freeze everything so that when I came in after a long day at work, there was always something wholesome and good to eat.

Be efficient: I work with re-useable baking parchment and my tins are always lined and ready to go.'