Whether you're after a quick mid-week meal or want to cook a full roast dinner to impress the in-laws, Henry Firth and Ian Theasby have it covered.

In their new book, Henry and Ian share all their secret recipes and techniques for cooking incredible meat-free meals with ease. They'll teach you how to nail your prep, ingredients and method in true BISH BASH BOSH! style.

"This book is a celebration of how you can enjoy all your favourite meals using only plants, whether you need a quick meal after a long day or a feast for a party. Whatever the occasion and however much time you have, we have the perfect recipe for you."

"Each recipe is broken down into three parts to make it super-easy to follow: ingredients, a prep list, and a
step-by-step method that includes all the prep so you can do it all as you go along."

"We want the recipes in the book to help make you feel great simply by eating amazing food, filled with delicious favours, that’s all plants. The recipes are high in fibre and filled with colour, nutrients and joy. You’ll discover a new world of flavour and feel lighter, freer and happier in your body and your self."