Enjoy all that Guy Fawkes night has to offer with warming recipes, fireworks fun and ways to keep your four-legged friends happy


Fireworks safety

It’s the night to whistle up a few whizz-bangs and light up the sky! Head in store to discover our range of fireworks to help your night go with a bang, but don’t forget to follow the Firework Code:

1  Keep fireworks in a closed box, well out of the reach of children.

2  Follow the instructions on each firework carefully.

3  Light fireworks at arm’s length, using a taper.

4  After lighting, immediately move back a safe distance.

5  Never go back to a lit firework, even if it hasn’t gone off.

6  Never throw fireworks or put them in your pocket.

7  Always supervise children around fireworks.

Follow the Firework Code to make sure you have a safe bonfire night. For more information, pick up the Safe Use of Fireworks leaflet with your purchase, and visit


Tips for pet owners

As we prepare for the excitement of Bonfire Night, Britons are being urged to spare a thought for our pets. 5 November is the most stressful night of the year for animals and can make dogs and cats run away and get lost.

DogLost UK, which keeps a database of lost dogs, receives about 250 calls a week, but this doubles in early November. The organisation also sees a dramatic rise in the number of dogs involved in road accidents after they become disorientated. Only a third of dogs arriving at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in London are microchipped, and virtually none have a collar and tag, making it almost impossible to trace their owners.

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