Roast potatoes

There’s no dispute over the top spot; the much loved roastie is king of the Christmas table – a crunchy golden shell showered with sea salt and rosemary that encases the fluffiest of interiors.

The ultimate roast potato recipes 


Is it a Christmas dinner without stuffing? I think not. Whether you like yours meaty, full of herbs, slightly sweet or a tad crispy, here’s a handful of stuffing recipes that are sure to please.

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There’s nothing quite like gravy to complete a traditional Christmas dinner. Pour lashes of rich gravy over each and every part of your plate. See our winning gravy recipe, full of flavours from your chosen bird or joint.

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Brussels sprouts

And here we have the humble Brussel sprout also known as a baby cabbage, splitting opinions across the globe. Why not experiment a little this  Christmas with our favourite Brussel sprout recipes?

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Pigs in blankets

There are umpteen ways to create miniature succulent sausages tucked tightly in a bacon blanket. Look no further for classic options, veggie and vegan too.

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Wow your guests this Christmas with a rich and gamey flavoured goose. The natural fat for basting, makes goose a great choice for a succulent and moist main. Just don't forget to save the cooking fat for crispy roast potatoes

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Bread sauce

Whip up a creamy bread sauce with festive flavours. The secret to a rich bread sauce is to allow plenty of time for the flavours to infuse into the milk. 

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Cranberry sauce

This Christmas favourite works well with an injection of citrus or a few drops of port.

Cranberry sauce recipes

Red cabbage

No festive table is complete without a gorgeous plummy mound of sweet and sour cabbage. It’s best made the day before and left overnight for the fl avours to develop.

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Slender, caramelised parsnips spears are a simple and tasty side to your festive main.

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