From fluffy roast potatoes to the gravy that covers them, we celebrate the greatest festive recipes of all time


1. Roast potatoes

There’s no dispute over the top spot; the humble roastie is king of the Christmas table – a crunchy golden shell showered with sea salt and rosemary that encases the fluffiest of interiors.

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2. Goose

It’s official: goose is the new turkey. Not tried it before? Now is the time to indulge in its crisp skin and rich, gamey meat – plus it’s perfect for tables of six to eight. Oh, and you can render off the fat during cooking and use it to make the most heavenly of roast spuds.

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3. Gravy

Gravy is the linchpin of the festive table, binding the various elements of the meal together into one harmonious feast. This gravy picks up all of the fl avours of the goose, but it would also work well with any poultry or meat that has been roasted on a bed of vegetables.

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4. Brussels sprouts

All hail the sprout! What was once considered the weakest link in Christmas lunch has risen through
the ranks to reach the number eight spot. Roasting them, rather than boiling, is what makes the difference. A splash of lemon juice on their charred coats is all you need to finish.

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5. Pigs in blankets

We’ve added delicious medjool
dates to this cracking Christmas trimming – their sweetness offers
the perfect balance to the salty

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6. Stuffing

It comes in many guises but stuffi ng’s true purpose is to pack a panoply of fl avours into the Christmas lunch. This one is hearty and robust, bolstered with sweet caramelised fennel, sharp cherries, buttery hazelnuts and the faint smokiness of pancetta.

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9. Bread sauce

At any other roast dinner we wouldn’t insist on quite so many sauces, but Christmas lunch warrants the triumvirate – lashings of gravy, sharp cranberry, plus the most regal of bread sauces.

10. Cranberry sauce

Don’t forget to make enough of this tangy sauce for your leftovers. It’s essential for Boxing Day sandwiches or alongside baked ham.

7. Red cabbage

No festive table is complete without a gorgeous plummy mound of sweet and sour cabbage. It’s best made the day before and left overnight for the fl avours to develop.

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8. Parsnips

We’ve been stung by soggy roast parsnips too many times. These slender, caramelised spears are anything but.

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