Partner & Food Editor Silvana Franco makes a giant loaf to take on picnics, filled with a selection of fillings so everyone is happy


Sandwiches are great to take on a picnic, but everyone always wants a different flavour. So this week, Silvana's come up with a fun way of creating sandwiches for every taste, from one large loaf.

For the base of the loaf, Silvana makes a bean puree using butter beans, but cannellini beans or chickpeas will work too. She adds peas, lemon and tahini, but you could add olive oil instead. 

A grand pain is ideal for this as it's big enough to fit in all those tasty ingredients. Slice off the top to make a lid and hollow out the soft middle. This can be whizzed into breadcrumbs and stashed in the freezer for another day.

Now it's time to start filling. Silvana spreads the bread with pesto, then the bean puree, followed by lots of different ingredients. For vegan husband Robert, it's grilled peppers, falafel and antipasti mix, then leftover cooked chicken, stuffing and crispy bacon for Silvana's portion. Daughter Cassia gets crispy bacon, avocado and boiled egg, and for son Fabio, sauerkraut, pastrami and dill pickle. 

Wrap with baking parchment, then a tea towel, to hold it together, and enjoy outdoors.

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