Our top cheese toastie recipes

The ultimate in comfort food, a toasted sandwich is so much more than the sum of its parts. Even a scraping of melted cheese — from tangy Cheddar or milky mozzarella to rich, creamy Stilton — can transform store cupboard ingredients, elevating your lunchtime sarnie into something special

Got a tin of tuna, a chunk of hard cheese and a salad onion? Make a classic tuna melt pepped up with a little Dijon mustard. Found some kale at the bottom of the veg drawer? Pair it with blue cheese and mushrooms, or caramelised onions and Comté. And when it comes to the bread, think beyond sliced white: wraps, naans, ciabatta, focaccia and even brioche can form the base for all manner of fillings. Here’s our pick of the bunch along with some expert tips from our food editors so you can make an indulgent toasted cheese sandwich with the ingredients you have to hand

Cook’s tips:
master the art of making toasties

      • Don’t have a sandwich press or toastie maker? Use a heavy-based frying pan or grill instead. A cast-iron griddle will give you the classic grill lines and a slightly charred flavour.

      • Always butter the outside of the bread before placing in the sandwich maker or frying pan. Keep a knob of butter at room temperature for easy spreading.

      • If using a frying pan, make sure the heat isn’t too high ­— you want the inside to be melting and piping hot by the time the bread has toasted.

      • Use a mix of cheeses for great flavour and a good melt, eg Cheddar with mozzarella, or Gruyère with Taleggio

      • Cut back on calories by dry-frying wraps, quesadilla-style — there’s no need to add any oil.

      • Toasties are a great way to use up leftovers so shred the last of the Sunday roast or scrape out the chutney or pesto jar.