It can be a busy time of year – and figuring out what and when to eat isn't always top of the list. Why not save time and energy (keep it for the winter walks) with these simple solutions, plus tips from our fabulous cookery school chef Andrew

Easy recipes to make... or buy prepared

Waitrose & Partners Cookery School
Andrew Morris, Partner & Cookery School Manager, Finchley Road, London

Andrew Morris, Partner & Cookery School Manager, Finchley Road, London, is looking forward to the season of "Vacherin cheese and fig chutney and brandy cream on warmed Heston mince pies. I can't actually wait!"

Chef Andrew Morris  shares some of his tips for preparing an easy Christmas dinner...

Turkey: Don’t go too big on the bird as you only need about 300g of cooked turkey per person. I bone out the legs and thighs and stuff them, then cook the crown. It’s turkey two ways but it all cooks quicker. Also, if your family only likes white meat, just buy a turkey crown – it’s quicker to cook and everyone is happy!

Make your cranberry sauce a couple of days in advance. It’ll taste better and is one thing less to do on the day. 

Parboil your potatoes the day before. You will get a crispier roastie if they are cold when you roast them.

My favourite quick cheats are Cooks’ Ingredients Fresh Chicken Stock for the gravy and Waitrose Mincemeat for my homemade mince pies.


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