Frozen assets

Frozen fish, chicken and vegetables are healthy, versatile ingredients that make delicious meals straight from the freezer – all you have to remember is to defrost them on the day you’re cooking


5 reasons to love your freezer

Want to save time and money? Then we have some cool advice…

1. Cash in 

Make the most of special offers in store and online, and fill up your freezer with your favourite foods. As well as saving money, stocking up means you’ll always have a quick supper to hand as many Waitrose prepared meals can be cooked straight from frozen.

2. Cut waste

Freezing keeps many products in optimum condition for up to a year, so you’re much less likely to have to throw away uneaten food. 

3. Taste and quality

Freezing locks in freshness, preserves food at its best and allows you to enjoy seasonal treats all year round. In fact, frozen fruit and veg will often be ‘fresher’ than non-frozen as these can lose vital vitamins if they’re not eaten within a week of harvesting.

4. Rescue leftovers

Often we throw away food that’s past its best – such as bread that’s gone stale, or cheese that’s become a little dry. You can freeze food up until the use-by date – make breadcrumbs, grate the cheese and freeze them to use in sauces, pizzas and gratin toppings.

5. Save time

Buying ready-prepared frozen fruit and veg means no peeling and chopping. Other frozen time-savers include chopped onion, garlic, herbs and mushrooms. Or you could whizz up a smoothie straight from the freezer.