“Japanese home cooking doesn’t need any special skills or hard-to-find ingredients – just fresh fish, meat and veg, plus the right blend of seasoning,” says Aya Nishimura, author of Japanese Food Made Easy (Murdoch Books). Authentic dishes are easily achievable if you stock up on a few key ingredients – soy sauce, miso, rice vinegar, sake, mirin and dashi stock – along with store cupboard staples such as rice and noodles. 

Aya is inspired by recipes handed down by her parents and grandma – classic dishes enjoyed by Japanese families every day. Here she shares six of her favourites that will have you reaching for the toasted sesame oil time and time again. As they say in Japan, meshiagare (enjoy your meal)! 


Shredded nori and shichimi togarashi sprinkles add texture to this popular dish. Switch the chicken for tofu to make a veggie option

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“Keeping homemade dressings and ready-to-use condiments, such as sesame miso dressing or teriyaki sauce, in the fridge means you can create a Japanese-style salad or teriyaki chicken in an instant.”  - Aya Nishimura

“Coat salmon fillets with a paste of white miso, mirin, sake and sugar, then leave them in the fridge for a couple of hours or overnight. When ready to cook, scrape off the marinade and grill on both sides.”  - Aya Nishimura


Bring authentic Japanese dishes to your table with a few of these key ingredients

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