New Year's Eve recipes


Celebrate New Year's Eve in style with
a home-cooked meal, fun cocktails
and easy nibbles

Chetna Makan's New Year's Eve menu

This mainly vegetarian Indian menu is full of fabulous flavours and sweet treats

Chetna Makan's New Year's Eve Indian banquetNaanSpicy chickpeas & veg pulaoCourgette & onion raitaPaneer kofta curry


The perfect flatbreads to serve with the kofta curry to scoop up all the sauce

Spicy chickpeas & veg pulao

A simple dish that's full of flavour. This would make a complete meal in itself, with raita or pickle, though it is also perfect as part of a big feast, like this


Courgette & onion raita

Yogurt is such a big part of an Indian meal, whether served as a raita, a drink or plain. It balances all the flavours of the different dishes you are serving

Paneer kofta curry

This is such an easy curry to prepare, and once you've tried it you can make lots of variations of the koftas to serve with it. The creamy koftas are perfect to absorb the lovely spicy curry sauce

To start, accompany and wrap up your meal...

Vegetable balls

Vegetable balls

Prepare these a few hours in advance, then cover and refrigerate. Simply reheat them in a hot, preheated oven

Cannoli-style discs with cardamom cream
Chilli cauliflower

Chilli cauliflower

This is the kind of food that's easy to cook, has a lovely kick and flavour and is best served straight from the pan






Cannoli-style discs with cardamom cream

Light and crispy variation on the
classic Itailian treats

New Year's Eve cocktails

New Year's Eve nibbles

More New Year's Eve meal ideas

And, something sweet...

Clementine crème caramel

Clementine crème caramel >

Mini chocolate orange florentines

Mini chocolate orange florentines >